Friday, July 11, 2014

Demystify the Cat Eye

… So, does the cat eye makeup technique leave you scratching your head? If so… don't cry, you are not alone. This is challenging even for many makeup enthusiast. Here is some instruction that will work for most everyone. 

Keep an eye on the eye!
 Believe it or not, this application is as easy as 1 2 3…
Before I give you some of the tricks in my bag… I want to share a tip for a clean liquid liner eye frame. When you apply liquid liner, use the lashes as your guide. Instead of tying to create a perfect line on the lid, place your brush on the lashes and slide along the lash line and you will never get it wrong. This technique can be used for the simplest of eye frames.  
 I know this sounds too simple, But every time I teach it, I get this reaction.  
The technique draws a crowd every time.

 Now, let's build upon this simple eye line at take it to the dramatic cat eye.  
Step 1. With the eyes open (left), mark the intersection where the eyeliner will pass through the crease of the eye. 

Step 2. Mark where you want the eyeliner to end. The diagram on the right is what the points will look like when the eye is closed. Every eye has a different shape so these points will look different on every eye. 
Step 3. The image below shows your final step. Connect the dots and fill in the shape. When the eye is closed there is strange triangular shape, but if the technique was done correctly, you will end up with a perfect cat eye sweep of liner.

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  1. Fantastic! Thanks for sharing this technique, Jacquetta! Can't wait to try it and demystify the cat-eye in my life :)