Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Sunny with a slight bit of haze

The beautiful Makenna one more time: the same girl, the same day, different mood.

Monday, September 15, 2014


 This is the model from my last post… same day different mood

Remember to keep checking back for a breakdown of hair and makeup styling.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Angelic Vintage Glam

I just love this model. She was so easy style. Her hair skin and facial features along with these vintage pieces of clothing worked well for the mood of the shoot. It seemed like every thing she tried on inspired me and the photographer (Marta Elena Vassilakis).  Stay tuned for more pix from this shoot followed by cosmetic and hair breakdown. 

Friday, July 11, 2014

Demystify the Cat Eye

… So, does the cat eye makeup technique leave you scratching your head? If so… don't cry, you are not alone. This is challenging even for many makeup enthusiast. Here is some instruction that will work for most everyone. 

Keep an eye on the eye!
 Believe it or not, this application is as easy as 1 2 3…
Before I give you some of the tricks in my bag… I want to share a tip for a clean liquid liner eye frame. When you apply liquid liner, use the lashes as your guide. Instead of tying to create a perfect line on the lid, place your brush on the lashes and slide along the lash line and you will never get it wrong. This technique can be used for the simplest of eye frames.  
 I know this sounds too simple, But every time I teach it, I get this reaction.  
The technique draws a crowd every time.

 Now, let's build upon this simple eye line at take it to the dramatic cat eye.  
Step 1. With the eyes open (left), mark the intersection where the eyeliner will pass through the crease of the eye. 

Step 2. Mark where you want the eyeliner to end. The diagram on the right is what the points will look like when the eye is closed. Every eye has a different shape so these points will look different on every eye. 
Step 3. The image below shows your final step. Connect the dots and fill in the shape. When the eye is closed there is strange triangular shape, but if the technique was done correctly, you will end up with a perfect cat eye sweep of liner.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Simply Beautiful

Makeup and Hair Jacquetta Sorensen 
Photo Marta Elena Vassilakis
First Model Patience
Second Model Karissa

These two simply beautiful looks show the power of focusing on one feature of the face.

Both models skin was prepped with a light moisturizer and primer. I used TIGI Whipped foundation on both models (color #1 applied with the foundation/concealer brush. The one on the far right). The whipped foundation is a cream to powder matt finish. I love this for HD photography. 
I then used a mascara wand to apply TIGI concealer to the brows. Just rub the bristles with the stick of concealer and comb into the brows for this really interesting effect.

For Cheeks I used Haute (top right) on Patience.

On Karissa I used Awaken (bottom left) . I only wanted to apply a wash of color to the cheeks so I used the powder brush (first brush on the left). I loaded the product just slightly to the lower portion of the apple of the cheek. I then transitioned the color back toward the hairline and temple… making sure the color is completely blended away before it hits the hairline. 


For the lips I custom blended colors I do this often because I'm a control freak and I just feel the need to make the color exactly what I want. Patience's lips were the focal point of her makeup. The color was a mix of black lipliner and Passion TIGI lip color.  Karissa's lips were a mix of Splendor, and finesse TIGI lip color and concealer. Both of the custom blends were mixed on a pallet then applied to the lips with a lip brush (4th brush in from the right). 

Patience eyes were a wash of golden bronze shadow and a ton of brown mascara… keepin it simple.

Karissa's eyes were the dramatic focus of her image. The technique for this is simply complex and I will break it down in a post to come. For now, just know I used TIGI black patent eyeliner… I love it for the shine. I didn't use mascara. I like the way her blonde eyelashes are highlighted with the contrasty black background.

Monday, June 30, 2014

Sun Kissed… What is Balayage, anyway??

What is Balayage, anyway?

Although these next images aren't technically Balayage… there was a bit of hand painting in this color process. The model already had a beautiful rich color. She only wanted to add a touch of radiant dimensional bronze tones for the summer. This technique only requires 12 color packets
I use TIGI Color Meches so I can paint the color where I want it in the packet. In the application I used decolorizer and color in the same packet of highlights to create a very random and soft effect. There was very little done to the hair but it created a high impact. 

A lot of women want some change in their hair for the spring. Let this be inspiration to try something subtle and beautiful during these sun shinny months, and enjoy a little sparkle in your life.

Monday, May 5, 2014

In the know


I am a hair and makeup artist, and also a professional photographer, and I style hair and makeup from the perspective of the photographer and the final images. The advice I'm sharing in this post will not only help you look your best, but it will help your photographer make you look your best. 

Makeup and photo Jacquetta Style, Hair Eric Gomez, Bride Jill Hackbarth 

1. When it comes to your hair and makeup, be yourself... this is not the day to do something too “out of the norm”. You want to recognize yourself in your photos. Don't let other people sway you into looking the way they envision your wedding. You should always stay true to your very own personal style. 

2. Just have your artist emphasis your best features in a style that fits you. For your makeup, pick one feature to emphasize… lips or eyes.

3. Pump up the amount of makeup just a bit so it doesnʼt disappear in the photographs. Trust me, a little more is ok.  

4. Choose a great artist and have a trial makeup appointment. It's well worth the money to know you will love the finished look on your wedding day

5. I suggest airbrush because of the flawless finish and longevity. 

6. Exfoliate your body and face for weeks leading up to your wedding. I love to make my own exfoliant for the face with coconut oil and sugar, for the body and coconut oil and coffee grounds. Another great way to exfoliate your lips is with and old toothbrush and salve.

7. Have the artist curl your lashes, use waterproof mascara, and it's great to top them off with false lashes.

8.  Don't forget the brows. They frame those "windows to the soul". If you have a stylist that waxes your brows… your pre-wedding wax should be 2-3 days before the wedding. This goes for all your pre-wedding waxing:)

9. Teeth whitening is another great way to highlight the smile on your face. This is the day when everyone will be looking at it.

10. Remember the scarf. For what you say… drape the scarf over your hair and face as you slip the dress over your head, and you will keep from transferring makeup to the dress, as well as, keep all your tresses in place.  

11.  Make sure your color is fresh (one week before), and don't get crazy and try anything new.           

12. Your hair should be slightly dirty (one day) for your wedding style, if you want it to have some volume/hold, and clean if you are just going to wear it down and natural. 

13. It's important to remember what ever you do to your hair will be undone later when you are alone with your new spouse... so if you ad extra hair to you style, you will be taking it out with him... or if you plaster it with spray, he wonʼt be able to run his hands through it when you take it down... just a thought:)

14.  Keep these items in you cute little bridal hand bag ,oil absorbing strips, touchup lip color and pencil (if you aren't using a long wearing lip stain), and a mirror compact.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Beauty of Balance

For this shoot, I had to work with a delicate balance between softness and strength, between classically preened and urban edgy, between feminine and androgyny.   

The model is a pixie cut with a long fringe. The cut is styled with BedHead wax stick. The hair is tousled and left in its disheveled state. This sounds easy… and it should be, however it does require some bravery and a good sensibility for the beautiful balance. Simply said, You just have to know when it is or isn't right.

Her makeup is also styled with a balance between natural and intense. What makes this makeup beautiful is the strong focus on one feature of her face. This makeup wouldn't have the same impact if her lips and cheeks were as strong as her eyes. When you look at this image you can't help but to be drawn into those eyes.  

I think the challenge of a good artist is to understand when you haven't pushed it enough, and to understand when you've pushed it too far.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Classic Beauty

Photos by Marta Elena Vassilakis

Red lips and black precision eyeliner (TIGI Cosmetics)… Need I say more?
Cosmetic breakdown: TIGI Cream Foundation in Fair
                                   TIGI Blond Brow Defining Pencil 
                                            pencil in your shape by lining against the hair grow (to color hairs) then use 
                                            the tool at the end of your TIGI pencil to groom and soften the line.
                                   TIGI Vanilla High Density Single Eyeshadow 
                                            sweep the whole eye
                                   TIGI High Density split 
                                            sweep the crease (gold) 
                                            and dab the tear duck area (mix gold and silver) 
                                   Two sets of dimi lashes and a mascara application …top lashes only
                                   TIGI Black Patent Liquid Liner 
I like to use the lashes as my guide.  Lay the applicator on the lashes, slide the length of the brush next to the skin, and glide along the lash line. Start in the middle of the lid (where you want the most concentration of color) and glide to the outside edge of the eye. Don't reload your wand with product. Use the wand that has slightly less product to apply liner to the inside corner of the eye in the same manner as before.  Don't forget to lift the brow while you apply product. This will insure that you get the color close to the lashes. 

                                   TIGI Glow Blush in Brilliance
                                   TIGI Decadent Lipstick in Luxury 
                                   Red lips need to be applied with precision so use a lip brush

These next photos were taken by me.
Same beautiful technique, just on a different beautiful face. This model has some slight color changes however the application in the same. Use a foundation the leaves the model/client flawless ( if her skin is already flawless don't over use foundation, less is always more when it comes to foundation and/or powder, especially when she will be photographed). This model has a slight line on the lower lid from the outside corner and faded to the center of the eye. She is also only wearing one set of lashes. Only TIGI Cosmetics were used.

The hair was prepped with TIGI Strong Mouse and Ego Boost (split end mender). Then the hair was blow dried with a round brush, smoothed with a flat iron and roller set. Ever section through the top was rolled back except the 2 front rolls, which were rolled forward. The back and side sections were all rolled down. Each roller was placed right on the section base and the base should be the size of the roller. After removing the rollers the hair was shaken and finger combed into place. You should shake the hair by sliding your hands under the hair and placing your finger at the scalp, then gently shake the tresses till the curl break up in a way that is pleasing to you. Then lightly finger comb the hair into place.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Our Little Secret

I love to follow this blog for so many juicy reasons… check this inside info

There are three products here that I use all the time.

1. TIGI Queen For a Day
This product is a foam spray that gives the locks fantastic style memory to create massive glamorous hair.

2. Avian Mist
This is an incredable way to set the makeup leaving the face free from that awful powdery finish.

3. Rosebud Salve
I love this as a finish product for creating a dewey finish to the lips, cheeks, lids, or all three.