Monday, June 30, 2014

Sun Kissed… What is Balayage, anyway??

What is Balayage, anyway?

Although these next images aren't technically Balayage… there was a bit of hand painting in this color process. The model already had a beautiful rich color. She only wanted to add a touch of radiant dimensional bronze tones for the summer. This technique only requires 12 color packets
I use TIGI Color Meches so I can paint the color where I want it in the packet. In the application I used decolorizer and color in the same packet of highlights to create a very random and soft effect. There was very little done to the hair but it created a high impact. 

A lot of women want some change in their hair for the spring. Let this be inspiration to try something subtle and beautiful during these sun shinny months, and enjoy a little sparkle in your life.

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  1. So beautiful! That's what I want the next time I'm in for a cut and color :)